Recent Projects

We believe in stories that make an impact. Whether your intention is legacy, posterity, awareness, education, inspiration, investment or invitation … we aspire to inspire.

Enjoy watching some of our recent projects.


Pepperdine University

Women’s Volleyball Story, 2019

Together we rise. That is the philosophy arising from Pepperdine University’s 2019 Women’s Volleyball Season. Facing misfortune resulting from the loss of a student to a shooting just one day prior to being displaced through Malibu’s Woolsey Fire, the team were given a choice … surrender the season or play on. This is their story about the power of rising out of the ashes to victory.

Armory for Harmony

Non-Profit Music Video

Armory for Harmony is a non-profit organization set up to re-purpose retired gunmetal into musical instruments that can be distributed to schools.

21 Mile Films was asked to capture archival footage documenting idea inception for historical reference. Additionally, 21 Mile Films filmed, edited and produced a music-video of the artists that came together in support of the cause.

IL Pelicano

Unique Real Estate Story

Not just a house, its your home ... with a legacy and memories of its own.  When selling our homes, we are not only fulfilling someone's dreams, but we can steal a moment to appreciate with gratitude the home that supported our own. 

Telling the story, rather than just selling a story, 21 Mile Films was asked to bring to life the heart that went into the walls of this very special home.