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Conscious storytelling for a more conscious world, that is what motivates Alison Pothier. A filmmaker, writer and storyteller, Alison is also an executive coach, consultant, intuitive and energy practitioner … dedicated to helping others write and re-write the stories that define their world. Whether through the lens, in conversation with or via the written word, Alison has a unique ability to capture, distill and express ‘story’ … and the emotions behind the inspired within us.

Born in Massachusetts, Alison lived in London for 20 years before settling in Malibu, California. Previously a COO and Managing Director in Investment Banking, Alison also established a wellness center called Inside Out Retreats, dedicated to personal transformation. In collaboration with her brother, she recently established an executive development business called Black Diamond HR Consulting. She features in the documentary "ChoicePoint" alongside world leading visionaries including Richard Branson, Nelson Mandela, Barbara Marx Hubbard and others.

While coaching others through evolutionary change and writing a series of transformational novels, Alison collaborates with her husband Jules to deliver inspirational stories into the world through their production company, 21 Mile Films, and IBUlieve series.

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